Edafa Products Portfolio

Edafa Telecom Solutions presents a rich products portfolio that professionally satisfies a wide range of Value Added Services representing main revenue streams for telecom operators.

Intelligent Network (IN) Solutions

Increase your network capabilities with Intelligent Network services for different innovative services

Collect Call
Encourage your customers to communicate even if out of credit and support them in emergency cases by allowing them to make calls. Capture the profit opportunity of customers making calls.
Mobile Poke
Amuse your low-balance prepaid customers with a competitive modern service. Increase customers loyalty and retention and make revenue even without having a complete call in place.
Call Filteration
Allow your customers to control who can reach them and who can not. Customers can be reachable only by their personal list or black list some numbers from reaching them. This helps the customers to control their privacy.
Intelligent Peripheral (IP)
Introduce flexible and customizable interactions with your customers with Intelligent Peripheral (IP) functionality to support your voice services and satisfy your voice solutions capacity expansions.

Voice Services

Enrich your Value Added Services with different voice enablers and services

Outbound IVR
Build your customized surveys to stay in close contact with your customers. Measure your customer satisfaction with simple button presses and flexible integration towards your backend systems.
Music Ring Back Tone
Let your customers express their personality with musical tones, empower your business corporations to deliver their voice to everyone, and Make revenue even before a call is answered.
Voice SMS
Provide an easy way for your customers to express emotions. Hearing “Happy Birthday” song is much more meaningful than reading words. 30 seconds of Voice can convey much more information than 160 characters of text.
Missed Call Alerts
Make your customers comfortable by never missing a call even when being offline, keep them aware with all their callers and alert their callers when your customers are online again.

Charging Services

Enrich your charging systems with attractive and innovative services

Prepaid Airtime Transfer
Let your customers enjoy transferring airtime credit to their family and friends whenever they like with seamless real-time experience just with few mobile button clicks, make revenue and benefit from the reallocation and consumption of customers airtime.
Extra Balance
Your prepaid customers are never out of balance, they are allowed to borrow extra balance when they are out of balance. Get your money upon next recharge and make revenue from service fees.

Location Services

Lead the competition with location based services and enablers

Location Based Advertisement
Target the right customers in geographical hot spots, communicate your promotions and brand awareness, and make revenue by attracting advertisers looking for location based impressions.
Location Gateway
Be ready with the appropriate infrastructure for emerging location based services, secure your customers and protect their privacy and integrate with other Location Gateways to be part of the globe.

Messaging Services

Enrich your messaging capabilities with SMS enablers

SMS Advertisement
Target your customers based on demographic, behavioral and geographical profiling, keep your customers data confidential and make more revenues from advertisers looking for profiled customers.
SMS Alerts
Keep your customers up to date with the news as it happens, allow your customers to subscribe in Sports, Relegious, Breaking News and Entertainment services and recieve daily updates from all these services.