Board Of Directors

CEO, Waleed Eissa

Has been working in telecoms field for almost 20 years. Staring with Siemens JV in fixed networks then joined Vodafone Egypt before launch in 1998 where he held different managerial roles within network operation team before he was selected as a head of core networks engineering. In 2006, he was hired by LCC KSA as a consultant for STC mobile network (Al-Jawwal). Then back again to Vodafone Egypt, in 2007, as a director for core networks, VAS and transport. Then he was assigned as products and services director, managing VAS and IT development domains between 2008 and 2011. During his journey, he was exposed to the industry from different angles whether supplier, operator or consultant, and also from IT and network perspectives.

Products and Services Development Director, Ahmed Afify

Has more than 10 years of experience in telecoms. He started his career with Vodafone Egypt in 2001 with systems team and was responsible for network management system. 4 years later he joined VAS development team. With this team he successfully developed several in-house developed products that were well perceived in the market. In 2008 he joined Voice and messaging team and led the team responsible for voice applications. During this assignment, he managed challenging projects that he could smoothly complete. Before he left Vodafone Egypt he was leading the messaging team.

Solution Architecture Director, Mohamed Samawal

Has been working in telecoms field for over 10 years. He joined Vodafone Egypt in 2001 as one of VAS development team. He was a key to deliver innovative services to the mobile market in Egypt. He was promoted to supervisory position and this exposed him to interactions with business teams which strengthened his understanding of the mobile industry from commercial side. By 2009, he was selected as technical lead to establish Architecture function as part of the demand management team, working across the products and services department and aligning with Vodafone Group Architecture team. Leading the Architecture team enabled him to get involved with all IT domains, and being part of demand management team enabled him to set guidelines for new products design and support integration with different network and/or IT systems.

Business Development Director, Mohammad Kotb

Started his career in 1998 with IBM. In 1999, he moved to HP to be more specialized in SW. In 2000, he joined Vodafone Egypt, as a member of VAS development team. He contributed to many successful products that had wide acceptance in the Egyptian telecoms market. Due to his technical capabilities and leadership he was promoted till he became VAS development senior Supervisor. In 2009, a new payments services function was established within Technology products & services delivery department and Mohammad was selected to manage this team. His achievements with payments services were key to increase payments channels and enhance legacy systems and offer new products.