Edafa Telecom Solutions

Edafa is established in 2011 with the aim to have a solid position in the VAS (Value Added Services) market. Edafa founders are all coming from telecom operators’ background, having a cumulative experience of 50+ years with operators. Edafa founders were key contributors to offer innovative services that were introduced for the first time in middle east. This team managed to develop voice, messaging, IN and payments services, from end to end, such as: Call tone, Balance transfer, Salefny (to lend prepaid customers airtime) and others. Edafa founders understand the internal and external challenges facing operators while competing in the market and aim to cooperate with operators and partners to offer new services to end customers with an optimal mix of quality, time and cost.

Our vision

To be the prime VAS suppliers in middle east Telecommunication world.

Our mission

To enrich operators with innovative products and tailored solutions that keep their customers enabled and satisfied.

Our Products

Edafa offers its customers a wide range of products that could be categorized in two main business streams:

Ready made solutions

Edafa have a portfolio of products including voice, messaging, charging and location based services. These solutions are scalable, robust and feature rich. This portfolio include selective products that provide the operator with a competitive edge and plan to add to this portfolio down the road driven by customer demand.

Tailored solutions

It is one of Edafa strengths as we are flexible and capable enough to tailor products to specific customer needs. This will help operators to be innovative and let their customers feel unique. Our understanding of core networks, services layer, BSS and CRM domain is a key to offer an end to end easily integrated solutions.